Rainer Scharenberg was born in 1943 in Schwerin in Mecklenburg, Germany. He started drawing at the age of 4 years and was strongly influenced later by his teacher, the German painter Rudolph Gahlbeck. Rainer Scharenberg has a degree in printing and graphic technology.

The 1960´s
In the 1960´s, while studying art and graphic technology , Rainer Scharenberg experimented in his own painting style. He started several techniques using printing equipment, printing and oil colour to produce abstract paintings of his environment. He sold his paintings and graphics along with other artists, in Leopoldstrasse in Schwabing, Munich, Germany. Schwabing was one of the most creative places in Germany at that time where many artists, painters and writers lived and met.

As mentioned before, Rainer was strongly influenced by Rudolph Gahlbeck who opened his eyes and taught him how to see and to paint.
Other German graphic artists showed and taught Rainer in the Museum of Schwerin how to make etchings, lithographs and other graphic techniques.

Rainer tried to represent in his paintings what he saw and felt. Selling pictures in the street, buying his first car, a Goggomobil, Rainer enjoyed in West Germany what he had missed in East Germany. He could draw and paint what he liked and not what was dictated by the Government. He fled the former “German Democratic Republic” at the age of 18 years to start a new life in Munich.

The 1970´s and 80´s
In 1974 Rainer left Munich and moved to Portugal with his wife and son. In Lisbon he worked in the graphic industry importing and selling German printing machines. At the end of 1975 Rainer moved to Spain and then returned to Germany where he had very close contact with Ilse Schmeidler-Winter, an established artist, and the grandmother of his children Jens Scharenberg and Marie-Isabel Scharenberg. He created and produced the “fairy tale box” and published posters and playing cards, painted by Ilse Schmeidler-Winter.

In 1976 Rainer started working at a well known German company, a machine manufacturer of paper converting machines and started travelling around the world for the next 30 years. He visited customers and friends in all continents of the world including more than 90 countries.
Whilst travelling throughout the world he collected many impressions which he used as sketches for later paintings and graphics.

The 1990´s
In the 1990´s Rainer returned to Munich, where he lives with his second wife, Jane, who was born in Adelaide, Australia.

In 1999 Rainer bought a trading company for second hand paper converting machinery (HIT-PCM) and continued his world travelling working with his international contacts.

Working all his life in the graphic field, Rainer never ceased creating products made from and on paper. The different impressions from all over the world showed up in many creative ways such as postcards, sketches and graphics.

Amongst Rainer`s favourite motives are the sea, boats, people, architecture and landscape.

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